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3-day camps are perfect for the beginner surfer who's in town for a few days. Each lesson will have a land and water component, and will start with small, white water waves; moving to small, green water waves by the 3rd lesson! Rashguards, bottled water, and fruit will be provided each day!



Just like our 3-days, with more time to practice the skills you've learned. The first few lessons are basic, with time on land and in the water. With a few more days of lessons, you're able to build your skill set and start taking more waves, bigger waves, and with less help from your instructor. Rashguards, bottled water, and fruit included.



The goal of this 10-day camp is to take you from a beginner to a surfer with more intermediate skills. You'll learn how to paddle, read waves, and be comfortable and confident in the water.  Progress depending, classes at nearby beaches may be an option for you. Rashguards, bottled water, and fruit included. 

Choose your

own adventure

price varies


Not a beginner? Need more focused, specific instruction? Interested in more advanced instruction at nearby beaches? We can tailor single and multi-day packages to meet your needs.

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